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Schminke Horadam Aquarell 5ml Watercolour Tubes

Schminke Horadam Aquarell 5ml Watercolour Tubes

Download the colour chart here.

The 139 HORADAM® AQUARELL colours combine an extremely extensive colour spectrum and meet the highest quality requirements for a premium watercolour. In addition to many well-tried and traditional colours, the range also contains many new colours using special pigments such as perylenes, quinacridones or transparent iron oxides. The large number of 92 single-pigment colours enables particularly brilliant mixing results.

Crispin Art stocks a good selection of the range, listed on this page.

Unique pigments for comprehensive colouristics

Many colours within the range are characterised by special pigments, such as perylenes or quinacridones, or provide a perfect complement to the wide assortment due to their transparent, particularly glazing or especially luminous character.
Some examples are:

Quinacridones: With these highly lightfast pigments, the Quinacridone range contains 9 colours, some are evident from the name, e.g. Quinacridone red light, and some are recognisable from the pigment (e.g. ruby red or madder brown).

Perylenes: This special series contains 4 colours formulated with new, highly lightfast perylene pigments (perylene maroon, perylene green, perylene dark red and perylene violet).

Transparent iron oxides: Here, the 3 transparent colours transparent ochre, transparent Sienna and transparent umber complement the opaque colour spectrum of the iron oxides. Due to the very hard nature of the transparent pigments, which are complex to process, these colours are very rare.



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